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Sour Ale

Spurhund Zunge

Tasting Notes:

Refreshing tart and crisp, a very underappreciated style

added by: melissa

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  1. 3 lb Pilsner Malt
  2. 2 lb Cargill White Wheat
  1. .75 oz Tettnanger (4.5%) - added during boil, boiled 15 min
  1. 1338 (European Ale)/5335 dual pitch

  1. Mash/Grains: 00:03:00 Dough In - Liquor: 1.56 gal; Strike: 159.98 °F; Target: 148 °F
  2. Mash/Grains: 01:33:00 Saccharification Rest - Rest: 90 min
  3. Mash/Grains: Final: 146.0 °F 01:53:00 Batch Sparge - First Runnings: 0.0 gal sparge @ 145 °F, 0.0 min
  4. Mash/Grains: Sparge #2: 2.63 gal sparge @ 175 °F, 10.0 min
  5. Boil: Bring your wort to a boil and set your timer for 15 minutes.
  6. Boil: At 15 minutes, add 0.75 oz. Tettnanger hops.
  7. Fermentation: Primary fermentation at 68F for 30 days.
  8. Fermentation: Secondary fermentation at 75F for 2 months.

Recipe Notes

Berliner Weisse is an incredibly refreshing, cleanly sour ale that I've come to love since I had my first in Berlin in 2004. The degree of sourness can be augmented through the length of aging. Yes, you read that correctly! This recipe is based on a 15 minute boil, resulting in a very slight 4 IBU; this could also conceivably be formulated as a no-boil recipe using FWH and a sour mash. I happen to prefer pitching a commercial L. delbrueckii culture. I pitch the yeast and Lactobacillus cultures at the same time, however some have reported a sharper sourness (if so desired) by pitching the Lactobacillus first, then the Saccharomyces 48 hours later.

Beer Stats
  • Style: Sour Ale
  • OG: 1.031
  • FG: 1.005
  • ABV: 3.4%
  • IBU: 4
  • Color: 2.6
Recipe Stats
  • Type: All-Grain
  • Batch Size: 6 gal.
  • Boiling Time: 15 min.

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