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Recipe Info.

Name: Traditional Bock

Style: Bock

Type: All-Grain

  1. .25# Belgian Special B
  2. .125# German Carafa Special II
  3. 6# German Pils
  4. 3# German Light Munich
  5. 3# German Dark Munich
  6. .75# German Caramunich II
  1. .5 oz. Hallertau 4.5% FWH
  2. .25 oz. Magnum 14% 60 min.
  3. .75 oz. Hallertau 4.5% 60 min.
  4. .5 oz. Hallertau 4.5% 10 min.
  1. Wyeast Bohemian Lager #2124
  1. ~1 tsp of Calcium Carbonate (chalk) to the mash (not to the sparge water)
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